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This page gathers the most popular Quests and Campaigns created by the S&S Community.

Gremlin Project and Ares Games are not responsible for the contents and the quality of these Quests. Please visit the to contact the authors.

S&S - Sea Wolf
Mercs Saga

ACT I - {English}

Five Quests to stop the war of the Northern Lands against the Sea Wolf Mercs.

BGG Author: BBchains.

S&S - Minions

ACT I - {English}

What if the orcs woke the heroes from eternal sleep?
Find out in this six-quests campaign!

BGG Author: jemy000.

S&S - Troubles in
the South Saga

ACT I - {English}

Three Quests to save a village and its inhabitants from a dark fate.

BGG Author: Mikeyyb.


ACT I - {English}

A single Quest to prove the valor of your Heroes!

BGG Author : caracan.


ACT I - {Italian}

Un meteorite ha lasciato il firmamento per scavare un profondo cratere nelle lande della Costa dell'Artiglio... siete pronti ad esplorarlo in questa singola Missione?

BGG Author: kurtzelda.