Artifacts – Hero Expansions

Game expansions, a copy of Sword & Sorcery is required to use these products.
Expand your game experience by defending the Talon Coast with these new Hero Packs!


The celestial judge of the souls

Born and trained as a Valkyrie, Mist has spent years judging champions and losers on the battlefield, escorting their souls to their chosen fate, until she came into contact Three Gods… becoming a herald of their will! Mist can be played as either a Death Guardian or a Necrowarrior.

As a Death Guardian, Mist keeps the balance between the World of the Living and the Realm of the Dead. She can communicate with the spirits and summon them on the battlefield when needed.

As a Necrowarrior, Mist is able to recall damned souls from Hell and force them to fight according to her will. She can use her power as a powerful weapon against her enemies or as a way to inflict punishment on the wretched souls she is conjuring from the Underworld.

This Hero Pack features three miniatures of Mist {Hero, Ghost Soul form and Nemesis}, Soul Gem, Hero Sheets and cards — including new legendary treasures such as the Sceptre Blade weapon and the Soul Trap.


2 Hero Sheet
4 Hero cards
34 Hero power Cards
2 Nemesis Scroll Cards
4 Enemy Cards
8 Emporium Cards
6 Plastic figures
2 Soul gem
44 Tokens & Markers.

Note: This game expansion is also perfectly compatible with S&S: Immortal Souls saga.