Artifacts – Hero Expansions

Game expansions, a copy of Sword & Sorcery is required to use these products.
Expand your game experience by defending the Talon Coast with these new Hero Packs!

Genryu – Shakiko

Expert martial artists and masters of the inner chi

Coming from the distant lands of the Eastern Kingdoms, Shakiko and Genryu are powerful fighters, who dominate the battlefield using the power of their Chi. Transmigration, spiritual powers and martial arts will bring a completely new combat experience. Genryu and Shakiko can be played as either a White or a Black Monk.

As a White Monk, Shakiko and Genryu are a trained masters, focused on transform the energy of the Chi to heal wounds, defend teammates or create spiritual hindrances.

As a Black Monk, Shakiko and Genryu are rulers of the fighting, focused on transform the energy of the Chi to damage the enemies, drain their soul essence and set on a fire the battlefield!

This Hero Pack features three miniatures of Shakiko and Genryu (Hero, Ghost Soul form and Nemesis), Soul Gems, Hero Sheets and cards — including new equipment such as Spiked Gauntlets and Kimono armor.


2 Hero Sheet
4 Hero cards
34 Hero power Cards
2 Nemesis Scroll Cards
4 Enemy Cards
8 Emporium Cards
6 Plastic figures
2 Soul gem
44 Tokens & Markers.

Note: This game expansion is also perfectly compatible with S&S: Immortal Souls saga.