Artifacts – Other Expansions

Sometimes small items can be precious as gems…
Enhance your game experience with these legendary accessories!

Note: These game expansions are also perfectly compatible with S&S: Immortal Souls saga.

Alternate Gender Heroes

Match your preferences with the heroes’ gender!

“There are times when we choose what we can do in our lives, but sometimes, it is life that chooses in our place…”

 To maximize the customization of your legendary adventure, this expansion offers five fully playable Heroes as alternate versions of the Heroes included in the S&S: Ancient Chronicles set.

 Here are included two versions of each Hero, representing parallel destinies of the same person, born from past choices that shaped the nature of their very souls. Each Hero is represented by a wonderful miniature, a set of cards {Hero and Powers}, some tokens, and a double-sided Hero Sheet. Certain cards and each Hero Sheet side show a different color style to match one of the two available Classes.



Tiny, cute and fantastic beasts on your side to the battlefield!

The world of Sword & Sorcery is imbued with many mystical secrets, and familiars are but one of these! These strange and intelligent creatures are able to create a magical link with their humanoid friends.

The ancient scrolls of the archmagi classify familiars into three types, each of them characterized by a deeper bond with the owner:

Domestic {Dog}.
Wild {Boar, Horned Lizard, Owl}.
Legendary {Pixie}.

Domestic {Cat, Crow}.
Wild {Bat}.
Legendary {Drakeling, Imp}.

Each familiar can offer valuable help on the battlefield or grant peculiar abilities to its owner, but this great bond has a downside. When a familiar dies, its owner suffers a terrible mental shock, which hampers his skills for a time.

Choose your set between Lawful or Chaotic Familiars and bring these magic friends into the world of Sword & Sorcery.

Ancient Chronickes Challenge Set

New enemies to expand the game possibilities of
S&S sessions!

If you like playing great adventures with great miniatures, Sword & Sorcery is “the” game for you – and you can never have enough miniatures! Make your challenge tough as iron, or light as a feather…

Ancient Chronicles Challenge Set includes variants of all rank-and-file Enemies featured in the Sword & Sorcery Ancient Chronicles Core Set, for a total of 16 new creatures, complete with miniatures, enemy scrolls, and enemy cards. This expansion, may be integrated into any Ancient Chronicles Quest to modify the challenge, by either replacing enemies with their “variant” rank (you can raise or lower the challenge level according to your taste) or adding these new enemies to customize Quests. In both cases, the result will have a strong effect on the gameplay of a Quest, increasing its replayability.

Ancient Chronicles Nemeses

There is no Light without Shadow….

Sometimes, when an immortal Hero resurrects, their darkest thoughts and fears are called back from the spirit realm and take physical form, creating a dark twin called a Nemesis: an extraordinary opponent, with skills and powers specifically opposing those of the Hero.

Sword & Sorcery – Ancient Chronicles Nemeses expansion includes new unique Enemies, each of them the Nemesis matching the class of one of the Heroes of the Sword & Sorcery Ancient Chronicles Core Set; and a new special Enemy, the White Tiger, which they can summon to fight at their side. The included rule sheet provides you with several ways to integrate these new foes into a Sword & Sorcery Quest. Also included in this expansion there are ten Bond cards: use them to forge a special connection between two Heroes, to create a friendship — or love — stronger than death!

Ancient Chronicles Ghost Soul Form Heroes

The Ethereal becomes Real!

The set Ancient Chronicles – Ghost Soul Form Heroes includes five finely sculpted miniatures which let the players replace the figures of the five heroes included in Sword & Sorcery: Ancient Chronicles when they die. Replacing the figure of the dead hero with the Ghost Soul version included in this set allows the players to immediately identify which characters are in Ghost Soul form during the game sessions.

This set is also useful for those who like to paint their figures as these miniatures can be used as an extra figure set to create alternate versions of the characters, matching his or her soul nature.

Also included in this pack are two sets of cards, Remembrances and Backgrounds: These cards can be used with Sword & Sorcery Immortal Souls or Ancient Chronicles, to bring into play additional talents acquired by Heroes in their past lives as they worked and trained, and add new ways to customize your characters based on the experiences they had before they began their adventuring life.

Spawn Gates and Gods’ Shrines

Improve the game experience with 3D figures!

In every Sword & Sorcery quest you can find key places, useful for your adventure or lethal for your characters: Spawn Gates and Gods’ Shrines. This set provides new components that make the game visuals even better and enhance gameplay, replacing the cardboard version of these important locations with three-dimensional pieces.

This add-on replaces the cardboard spawn gates and altars included in the normal version of the game with plastic figures, properly sized to fit our terrain tiles and designed to optimize the playing area. Also included is a beautiful 3D party token, to mark the position of the Heroes during the Journey phase.

A special feature of this set are the Hollywood cards: magical weapons and enchanted armor inspired by classic movies – previously available only in the Kickstarter edition of Immortal Souls, and now revised and updated. These weapons include the new Ancient Chronicles feature – the minimum level to play with them – and a price. Visiting an Emporium in some remote city, you might find one of these items – at a cost which is as legendary as the item is!

This set also includes three exclusive cards inspired by the backers of the Ancient Chronicles Kickstarter campaign.

You can use this accessory both in the Immortal Souls campaign and in the Ancient Chronicles campaign.

Ancient Chronicles Minions

The smallest S&S enemy creatures take shape!

If you like playing great adventures with great miniatures, Sword & Sorcery is “the” game for you – and you can never have enough miniatures! The Sword & Sorcery – Ancient Chronicles Minions add-on is used to replace the cardboard minion figures included in Ancient Chronicles and in Northwind Tales with 20 high quality plastic figures, in the same 30 mm scale as the figures representing Heroes and Enemies.

In this box you can find three different kinds of Minion miniatures: Venom, Nest, and Snow Gremlins.

The Nest is a new menace hiding in the darkest recesses of the Underreign. The insidious Nest can generate hordes of Venom against the Heroes: monstrous giant insects, with razor-sharp claws and poisonous jaws. Once they bite their prey, these monsters inject their lethal poison to weaken and potentially kill the helpless creature.

Even the Snow Gremlins are fearful and dangerous: No matter how harsh the climate is, no matter how many predators there are around, Gremlins always find a way to survive! Snow Gremlins are distant relatives of the Gremlins of Talon Coast, mutated to adapt to the rigid climate of the Northern Lands. Almost immune to cold thanks to their thick fur, there’s only one thing these creatures love more than themselves… gold, and shiny objects!