Items - Errata

Here a list of misprints we found at the moment, some of them may be already fixed in your copy! If not, please download the v1.6 release in the Items/Files section

Immortal Souls Rulebook

2. Before The Adventure, page 6 – Adding Text: When the term “suffer” is used, it means the effect cannot be avoided in any way.

2.1 Card Desk, page 6, Treasure, Before the Note – Adding Text: Discarded Treasure cards must be placed in the discard pile until the end of the Quest, then shuffled back into the deck.

3.3.1. Traps, page 11 – Replacement Text: Save rolls (section 5.2.4, page 20) must be performed by all heroes within the area of effect of the trap (following legal movement paths), ignoring L.O.S.

4.3. Event Phase, page 15 – Replacement Text: Spawn Formulas box.

Left side column, replace “Apply that formula if there are 2 or 3 heroes in play.” with “Apply that formula, if there are up to 3 heroes in play.”

Right side column, replace “Apply that formula if there are 4 or 5 heroes in play.” with “Apply that formula, if there are 4 or more heroes in play.”

5. Heroes, page 17 – Replacement Text: Auriel's race is Cursed Elf instead of Elf. Laegon's race is Elf instead of Sylvan Elf.

6.1.2. Evade, page 21 – Replacement Text: If, during his continued movement, a hero returns to, or enters, a new area with enemies, reaction attacks are again triggered each time, before leaving that area (unless the hero decides to stay there and ends his movement).

6.3.3. Focus an Attack, page 23 – Replacement Text: A hero, once per Round, can spend one, and only one, Action to enhance one of his attacks (before rolling HIT Dice) coming from any item or power, adding +1 

7.2, Companions, at the end of the second bullet, page 28 – Adding Text: “If the Hero Count is not present, it counts as 0.”

After“It cannot be healed by heroes” and before the Note

Adding Text:

  • Cannot be unsummoned by its owner.
  • The owner cannot focus the Companion’s attack.
  • Once activated, the owner can’t interrupt and then resume the Companion activation.
  • Can receive hero buffs, e.g. Thorgar’s “Bless.”
  • Companions with the Hero Count set to 1 (or above) count as heroes for Spawn Formulas and similar effects.
  • Enemies count Companions as heroes (except vengeful Master Enemies).

9. Combat System, page 32 – Replacement Text: Under Step 1 of the HIT phase, replace ‘chosen weapon’ to ‘chosen weapon, power, or item’.

9. Combat System, page 32 – Adding Text, after “ Following these guidelines” as 1th bullet:

  • Using an effects is optional (unless directly specified) and if is done, it cannot be activated more than once

9. Combat System, page 33 – Adding Text: 

Note: “Combat activity” and “Attack” are two different concepts. The Combat activity is like a “coin” that can be spent to initiate a weapon attack, or use an Item, or use a power requiring a Combat (Red Fist icon) as “fuel” (See Activation Activities, section 6.5, page 24). An attack is performed by the HIT and DEF stages, using any Item or Power having a Damage Type: Slash, Pierce, Blunt, or Arcane and follows the Combat System rules explained above. 

9. Combat System, page 34 – in the 4th paragraph, Replacement Text: it is considered an attack and must be compared…

10.3. Fire, page 35 – Adding Text: When a Fire token is placed in an area, all characters in that area immediately suffer the same Fire effect.

11.7.5 K.O., page 41 – Replacement Text: He must ignore his Armor value { <Armor_Icon>}, regardless of his Armor {Hero Sheet/card} and other Items or Powers.

14.3.2. Rising Pony Tavern, page 41 – Replacement Text: The  result grants 20 Crowns (instead of 25).

15.4. Shadows, page 45 – Replacement Text: The Quest Enemy Shadow shows a wrong image. The token representing a scroll with a black gremlin face inside is the correct one.

15.7. Enemy Activation, page 46 – Adding Text, before the last Note paragraph of the page: Each enemy behavior (including the otherwise condition) indicated by an encounter card, enemy power, or Book of Secrets is considered an activation.

15.7. Enemy Activation, page 46 – Replacement Text, In the last Note paragraph of the page: All matching enemies on the map must be activated sequentially, one by one, starting…

15.7.1 Selecting the Victim Hero, page 49 – Adding Text, at the end of the first column: When a hero (or enemy) is Hidden (like the Shae power, for example), he cannot be targeted directly from enemies. This also includes the “targeting” of the closest hero with the behavior for enemies. So basically, the Hidden hero does not exist except for AoE or similar effects (like powers indicating “all heroes within 1 area…”).

15.11.6 Stunned, page 52 – Adding Text, before Note: If an enemy becomes stunned in the middle of its movement (due to a reaction attack of a hero, for example), this enemy completes its movement and then skips the rest of its current enemy turn.

Immortal Souls Storybook

2.13 Ending A Quest, page 5 – Replacement Text, Change the last Note paragraph of the page to: In case of victory, all Loot tokens, Treasure and any other Item card, and Crowns on the ground within the base movement range of each surviving hero are automatically gained up to the maximum Item capacity of each hero. Players must select what is left behind, if they lack capacity to carry all items.

4. Playing S&S Campaign, page 6 – Adding Text: After the word “Emporium” add: Unless differently noted in the Quest Special Rules, heroes can visit the Emporium before each Quest.

Immortal Souls Book Of Secrets

5.10, page 24 – Adding Text: Discard the Story Event 2 card.

5.12, page 26 – Adding Text: Remove the Red Orc Shaman from the Quest.

Immortal Souls Enemy Power card

Follower – Replacement Text: When this enemy enters play or when obtains this Power: spawn 1 enemy…

Anime Immortali Poteri Nemici

{Immortal Souls Italian

Arma Elettrica, Potere Nemico – Replacement Text: Bash = Spinta.

Assorbi Vita, Potere Nemico – Replacement Text: nell'ATTO II guarisce 4 PF a se stesso anzichè 2.

Anime Immortali Storybook

{Immortal Souls Italian

Missione III,  Pagina 13. La mappa è mancante di un'ombra "2+" nell’area del Portale Gremlin.

Kickstarter Weapon card

Spear – Replacement Text: This card is not part of the Stash. It is part of the Emporium and costs is 60 Crowns.

Arcane Portal Storybook

1. Component List, page 2 – Replacement Text: 5 Emporium cards, 8 Treasure cards

3. Playing Arcane Portal, page 3 – Adding Text: At the end of this expansion, the remaining soul points can be stored {up to 10 Soul points per hero} for use…

Page 9 – The “Keep Aside” Icon near the Map Tiles list is flipped horizontally (the arrow should point to left).

Page 11- The “Keep Aside” Icon near the map tiles list is flipped horizontally (the arrow should point to left).

Arcane Portal Treasures

Astral Cape – Replacing Icon: The first effect requires an “Action” activity instead of a “Free Action”.

Arcane Portal Book of Secrets

8.5, page 4 – Replacing Text: You will find it in that huge tent (Waypoint 2).

9.10, page 17 – Adding Text: Add this effect after the third bullet:

Any Ghost Soul Hero resurrects without spending Soul Points {but without regaining the lost Soulrank} and, all Items belonging to the Heroes on map 45A must be moved back to the Story Event 1 area.

9.11, page 17 – Replacing Text: The Bolt Spawn Gate must be placed Open instead of closed, just like shown by the picture in the paragraph.

9.17, page 19 – Adding Text: When the Green Raider Companion dies, remove it from the Quest.

10.3, page 24 – Replacing Text: Until Story Event 3 is resolved, now, and again at the beginning of each Enemy Turn.

10.7, page 27 – Replacing Text: The Shadow Reserve table reports 1 less Shadow Champion for 4-5 Heroes, the correct number is 2 instead of 1.

Victoria Hero Pack {KS Edition}

Sea Fin Treasure – Replacement Text: The Sword is incorrectly listed as ACT I but it is ACT II instead.

Tristan Hero Pack {KS Edition}

Power cards count – Replacement Text: The total number of Power cards included is 11 instead of 13.

Skeld Hero Pack

Skeld Slayer/Berserker Hero card – Replacement Text: the correct "Savage Warrior" Innate Ability text is "You cannot equip Medium or Heavy Armor"

Volkor Hero Pack

List of Contents – Replacement Text: Note: Packaging indicates “3 Emporium cards. This is an error, no Emporium cards are included.

Darkness Falls Storybook {KS Edition}

3. Playing Darkness Falls, page 3 – Adding Text: Heroes may have stored Soul Points from their previous Quests, these points can be carried to Darkness Falls campaign within a maximum limit of 10 Soul points per hero, the exceeding points must be discarded in order keep the right challenging balance during ACT II Quests.

 ACT II – Quest IV, page 11 – Replacing Text: The Shadows Reserve reports 1 less Enemy Shadow in the Reserve {both 2+ and 4+ setup}. Please read it as 3 and 5 Enemy Shadows instead.

Verso le Tenebre Storybook

{Darkness Falls Italian Edition}

2.9, Page 10 – Adding Text: Dopo aver chiuso i due portali indicati, va aperto il portale “Fulmine” prima di evocare i nemici.

Vastaryous'Lair Storybook

5, Image Example, Page 4 – Replacement Text:

  • The <BB> Blue Drakonian Enemy assigned to Shae is a misprint and its figure is NOT in play, so Shae has no cards assigned to her.
  • The Dragon Heads are randomly assigned > The Dragon Heads are randomly drawn and then normally assigned.
  • Assuming no characters are killed during the current Round, this will be the activation sequence for the next Enemy turns (From Ecarus to Laegon) based on the drawn Encounter cards: > Assuming no characters are killed during the current Round, this will be the activation sequence for the next Enemy turns (From Ecarus to Laegon, in clockwise order) based on the drawn Encounter cards:
  • Encounter card H activates first Vastaryous, then the Blue Head and finally the <B>Blue Drakonian. > Encounter card H activates first Vastaryous, then the Blue Head and the <B> Drakonian, the Ecarus player decides who act first between these two enemies.
  • Encounter card B activates the Green Head and then the <G> Drakonian > Encounter card B activates the <G> Green Drakonian and then the Green Head. 

Ancient Chronicles Book Of Secrets

0.6, Page 4 – Replacement Text: Replace "3" with "4" in the third bullet of the Paragraph as the number of Hourglasses to gain with the first visit to the Nilmerg Village."

1.2, Page 26 – Adding Text: Add the following text as the first bullet of the Paragraph "All Ghost Soul Heroes must resurrect by spending their Soul Points."

3.9, Page 37 – Replacement Text: Replace "Cursed Dwarf Enemy" with "Black Dwarf Enemy" in the first two bullet points of the Paragraph.

5.12, Page 48 – Replacement Text: Replace the second Bullet Point of the Paragraph as follow: "Continue to apply the Shadow Guard patrol described in the Special Quest Rules at the beginning of each Hero Turn instead of Time Phase.

7.6, Page 58 – Replacement Text: Replace the card named "Consumed Torch" with "Worn Torch" in the first Bullet Point of the Paragraph.

Ancient Chronicles Rulebook

13.4, Page 44 – Replacement Text: Replace "Opal" with "Jade" in the first and third bullet points.

Ancient Chronicles Storybook

Underreign Map, Page 28 – Replacement Text: Replace "§9.0" with "QUEST X" inside the "Abandoned Mines" Golden Label.

Myths of the Arena {KS Edition}

Lava Token – Errata: The Lava token cannot be deactivated by flipping it. So, instead of flipping the Lava tokens, remove them from the map.

Soul Point Tokens – Errata:  Soul Point tokens are not included in the punchboards. They can be replaced with any token of your choice {including the ones provided with the Immortal Souls saga}.

Northwind Tales {KS Edition}

Broken Gem Tokens – Errata: Broken gem tokens are not included in the punchboards. They can be replaced with any token of your choice.

29A/B Map Tile – Errata: The die-cut in this tile has a mistake, so that the diagonal cut is on the opposite corner to where it should be. To resolve the issue, you can place the tile (29A or 29B) as indicated by the scenario. In most cases there is no gameplay change (the missing part is not relevant and does not change the area layout). In two cases (scenario 5 and scenario 8) you will have the "yellow" part of the tile overlapping (or below) the adjacent tile. Just overlap the two tiles ignoring this slight overlap.