Darkness Falls – Story Expansions

The Undead Army is on the March…

The darkness is covering all the land, the cemetery gates are no longer closed, and the immortal heroes must now face enemies who ignore pain and never sleep… the undead army! Skeletons, vampires and werewolves appear everywhere… Will the heroes accomplish their mission and finally free their souls from the soul gems’ spell?

In Sword & Sorcery® Darkness Falls, the heroes’ path brings them toward their final destiny.

Complete the heroes’ epic campaign across the quests of this expansion, recreating the final act of their legendary saga. High soulrank powers, treasures, and challenging enemies await you! Be prepared for the most intense and glorious experience in the Sword & Sorcery lands!


Darkness Falls includes:

  • 20 new lethal enemies: such as Succubi, Skeletons, Death Knights, and Werewolves,
  • 2 new powerful master enemies
  • 14 new modular boards,
  • 50+ new Act II cards for items, traps, treasures,
  • An ACT II campaign made of seven new high-level quests, using the innovative combination of Storybook, Book of Secrets and cards to create a challenging, story-driven climax that ends the epic story born in Immortal Souls.

Game Contents

1 Storybook
1 Book of Secrets
1 Reference Sheet
23 Plastic Figures 32mm Scale
14 Double-sided Map Tiles

1 Werewolf Sheet
2 Master Enemy Scrolls
15 Enemy Scrolls
109 Cards
129 Tokens and Markers

Ages 13+
30′ x