Immortal Souls – Core Set

Let the legend of the Talon Coast begins…

In Sword & Sorcery®, you control heroes with unique powers — legendary characters, brought back to life by powerful sorcery. Weakened by the resurrection, they grow stronger during the story–driven quests. Explore dangerous ruins, ominous forests, and the besieged cities of the Talon Coast. Fight together against the forces of evil — controlled by the game system itself — to save the kingdom and break the spell that binds their immortal souls.

Sword & Sorcery is the ultimate heroic fantasy board game experience, with an advanced AI system for monsters, a high degree of character customization, and rich tactical options during battles. At the same time, gameplay is fast and dynamic, thanks to an innovative area movement and area control system, and to new features never seen together in a game of this category:

  • Ultra detailed 32mm scale figures
  • Solo or group fully cooperative gameplay, with no game master
  • No player elimination: when your hero dies, you continue to play as an ethereal soul
  • Ten different hero classes with hundreds of skills, weapons and spells to choose from
  • Sophisticated combat and magic system, using ten-sided custom dice and an intuitive cooldown system for spells and skills
  • Modular boards, allowing the creation of endless new quests
  • A deep, story–driven campaign, with different paths to follow and multiple endings

Game Contents

1 Rulebook
1 Storybook
1 Book of Secrets
1 Reference Sheet
28 Plastic Figures 32mm Scale
19 Double–sided Map Tiles
8 Custom Combat Dice
5 Double–sided Soul Gems
5 Hero Sheets
2 Master Enemy Scrolls
244 Cards
226 Tokens and Markers
Ages 13+
30′ x