Artifacts – Hero Expansions

Game expansions, a copy of Sword & Sorcery is required to use these products.
Expand your game experience by defending the Talon Coast with these new Hero Packs!


Sottotitolo da definire

Born of unknown parents and raised by a guild of Purifiers, a group of hunters dedicated to the extermination of monstrous non-human creatures, Abraham learned early on that “any creature born or summoned can bleed, and what bleeds… can be killed!” In becoming a monster hunter himself, Abraham soon learned that the brute force of the axe does not always have to be used to bring down prey quickly, and that victory can be achieved more easily with wit and the use of the black powder, or even some sorceries!
Abraham can be played as either a Gunslinger or an Occultist.


2 Hero Sheet
4 Hero cards
34 Hero power Cards
2 Nemesis Scroll Cards
4 Enemy Cards
8 Emporium Cards
6 Plastic figures
2 Soul gem
44 Tokens & Markers.

Note: This game expansion is also perfectly compatible with S&S: Immortal Souls saga.