ITEMS – Errata

Here a list of misprints we found at the moment, some of them may be already fixed in your copy!

Immortal Souls Rulebook

2. Before The Adventure, page 6 – Adding Text: When the term “suffer” is used, it means the effect cannot be avoided in any way.

3.3.1. Traps, page 11 – Replacement Text: Save rolls (section 5.2.4, page 20) must be performed by all heroes within the area of effect of the trap (following legal movement paths), ignoring L.O.S.

4.3. Event Phase, page 15 – Replacement Text: Spawn Formulas box.
Left side column, replace “Apply that formula if there are 2 or 3 heroes in play.” with “Apply that formula, if there are up to 3 heroes in play.”
Right side column, replace “Apply that formula if there are 4 or 5 heroes in play.” with “Apply that formula, if there are 4 or more heroes in play.”

6.1.2. Evade, page 21 – Replacement Text: If, during his continued movement, a hero returns to, or enters, a new area with enemies, reaction attacks are again triggered each time, before leaving that area (unless the hero decides to stay there and ends his movement).

6.3.3. Focus an Attack, page 23 – Replacement Text: A hero, once per Round, can spend one, and only one, Action to enhance one of his attacks (before rolling HIT Dice) coming from any item or power, adding +1 

9. Combat System, page 32 – Replacement Text: Under Step 1 of the HIT phase, replace ‘chosen weapon’ to ‘chosen weapon, power, or item’.

10.3. Fire, page 35 – Adding Text: When a Fire token is placed in an area, all characters in that area immediately suffer the same Fire effect.

14.3.2. Rising Pony Tavern, page 41 – Replacement Text: The  result grants 20 Crowns (instead of 25).

15.4. Shadows, page 45 – Replacement Text: The Quest Enemy Shadow shows a wrong image. The token representing a scroll with a black gremlin face inside is the correct one.

15.7. Enemy Activation, page 46 – Replacement Text: In the last Note paragraph of the page: All matching enemies on the map must be activated sequentially, one by one, starting…

Immortal Souls Storybook

4. Playing S&S Campaign, page 6 – Adding Text: After the word “Emporium” add: Unless differently noted in the Quest Special Rules, heroes can visit the Emporium before each Quest.

Immortal Souls Enemy Power card
Follower – Replacement Text: When this enemy enters play or when obtains this Power: spawn 1 enemy…

Kickstarter Weapon card 
Spear – Replacement Text: This card is not part of the Stash. It is part of the Emporium and costs is 60 Crowns.

Immortal Souls Book Of Secrets

5.12, page 26 – Adding Text: Remove the Red Orc Shaman from the Quest.