Hidden Characters

When a hero (or enemy) is Hidden (like the Shae power, for example), he cannot be targeted directly from enemies. This also includes the “targeting” of the closest hero with the       behavior for enemies. So basically, the Hidden hero does not exist except for AoE or similar effects (like powers indicating “all heroes within 1 area…”).

Stunned Enemies

If an enemy becomes stunned in the middle of its movement (due to a reaction attack of a hero, for example), this enemy completes its movement and then skips the rest of its current enemy turn. The Stunned condition will be discarded at the end of its next (completely skipped) activation.

Enemy Activation

Each enemy behavior (including the otherwise condition) indicated and/or activated by an encounter card, enemy power, or Book of Secrets is considered an activation for the involved enemies.

Treasure Card

Discarded Treasure cards must be placed in the discard pile until the end of the Quest, then shuf ed back into the deck.

Treasure cards on ground at the end of the Quest

At the end of a Quest, Treasure cards can be picked up by surviving heroes exactly as for Loot tokens or other Item cards (up to the maximum Item capacity of each hero). Players must select what is left behind, if they lack capacity to carry all items.


Additional clari cations about Companions:
• Cannot be unsummoned by its owner.
• The owner cannot focus the Companion’s attack.
• Once activated, the owner can’t interrupt and then resume the Companion activation.
• Can receive hero buffs, e.g. Thorgar’s “Bless.”
• Companions with the Hero Count set to 1 (or above) count as heroes for Spawn Formulas and similar effects.
• Enemies count Companions as heroes (except vengeful Master Enemies).

Combat Activity and Attacks, clarifications

You should separate these 2 concepts: “Combat activity” and “Attack.” The Combat activity is like a “coin” that can be spent to initiate a weapon attack, or use an Item, or use a power requiring a Combat (Red Fist icon) as “fuel” (See Activation Activities, section 6.5, page 24 of the Immortal Souls Rulebook).   An attack is performed by the HIT and DEF stages, using any Item or Power having a Damage Type: Slash, Pierce, Blunt, or Arcane and follows the Combat System rules. Especially during ACT II, you will  nd many Hero Powers allowing a hero to perform an extra weapon attack spending 1 Action (so without spending the Combat activity).

Focusing an attack

Any hero’s personal Item or Power (not his companion) with a damage type (Slash, Pierce, Blunt, or Arcane) used to perform an attack can be focused (Action, before rolling HIT Dice).

Weapons and Powers attack effects.

Using items and powers attack effects is optional, unless directly specified.

Powers and Talents

The Soul Gem token indicates the number of Powers and Talents owned by the hero. The Number refers to the Power cards, while the * indicates Talent cards.  So, “1*” means 1 Power card AND 1 Talent card; “3**” means 3 Power cards AND2 Talent cards.